How I hope to revolutionize the ADHD world by educating and promoting a neurodiverse way of thinking.

Jun 25, 2023

Why do I use the term neurodiversity when I talk about ADHD? Neurodiversity is a nonmedical term that refers to anyone whose brain works differently than those of most people. When seeking to understand an ADHD individual, we see that they often process and utilize information and / or tasks differently. Neurodiversity, or ND, refers to variation in the human brain regarding sociability, learning, attention, mood, and other mental functions in a non-pathological sense. It was coined in 1998 by sociologist Judy Singer, who helped popularize the concept along with journalist Harvey Blume.

There are a lot of stigmas attached to ADHD. When we use the term neurodiverse, it helps reduce the stigmas and approach ADHD from a positive perspective. Driven by both genetic and environmental factors, an estimated 15-20 percent of the world’s population exhibits some form of neurodivergence.

The neurodiverse population is responsible for some of society’s biggest accomplishments. Bill Gates, Emma Watson, Tim Burton, Albert Einstein, Simone Biles, Andy Warhol, and Ingvar Kamprad, Founder of IKEA.

Creating awareness and accommodations frees neurodiverse individuals to flourish.
When we can eliminate the stigmas and negative actions/behaviors, it helps everyone: Families, friends, communities, and most importantly, ADHD individuals.